Sustainability from Within

INAIRE is committed to embrace best sustainability practices and the commitment runs back to its roots, where the company has successfully started the practice under the agenda “Go Green with INAIRE” in year 1997.


Since then INAIRE has been training its staff to be sustainable in every stage of their work processes from designing, supplying, installation, maintenance and back up servicing, in all their projects to date and has been using energy efficiency products and new technology with low carbon emissions and star ratings. With years of experience and expertise, our team of employees is ready to deliver essential services and solutions to optimize energy and operational efficiencies of buildings in order for our customers to meet their environmental, social and economical demands and to adapt to a sustainable lifestyle much needed in today’s world. Read more about free online slots no deposit. We make the buildings come to life by creating the most suitable and livable environment inside buildings for people to comfortably live, work and achieve while they spend 80% of their lifetime in-house.


Greener Sri Lanka

Presently, Sri Lanka is marching towards for a more environmental friendly socio-economic culture by guiding the nation to explore and develop indigenous renewable energy resources whilst conserving the limited and long-used resources in order to cope with the current energy crisis. Under the “Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority Act No. 35”, established in year 2007, Sri Lanka government is strictly focusing on energy security by deploying best sustainability practices to use energy efficiently, with great care. Sri Lanka is a country blessed with a number of renewable energy resources such as hydro power, which Sri Lanka has been using for years as country’s main energy source; biomass, solar and wind, some of the potential resources that could be used in near future when the technology becomes more mature and feasible for country’s economy.