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  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Mechanical Ventilation Systems
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Electrical
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Critical Environment Applications
  • Humidity Control Systems
  • Fire Fighting and Detection Systems
  • Plumbing Works

12331901_sINAIRE is fully geared to facilitate Design & Design Built services of HVAC Systems for full range of applications, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and any type of Central Air Conditioning Systems for any application like Factories, High rise Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Residencies, Banks, Theatres, Reception Halls, Shopping Complexes, Special applications ,and also experienced with Hospital Clean Air applications for operation theatres, ICUs, Wards, Treatment rooms, Precision/ Close Control Air Conditioning Systems for Industrial Process, Computer Room, Servo rooms, VRV and Central VAV Air Conditioning Systems, Hotels, Kitchen, Restaurant, Auditorium, Conference hall Air Conditioning Systems, Humidification, Industrial Drying, De-Humidification Systems and Small residential applications such as Window type, Split, Multi Split, etc.

23296917_sINAIRE is pioneered to Design & Design Built Services of Refrigeration Systems, Flake & Block Ice Plants, Walk-in Cold Rooms, Blast Freezer Rooms, and also experienced with the Industrial refrigeration for cold chambers, jacket Cooling and Process cooling.

21641753_sThe design and Design Built Services of mechanical ventilation systems is another area of our expertise. Especially the Central and Local Industrial Ventilation Systems, Exhaust Systems for restaurants and Kitchens, Central Toilet & Pantry exhaust Systems for high rise buildings, Roof Exhaust Systems for Industrial Environment and car park Ventilation Systems and Stairway Pressurization Systems.

39486650_sINAIRE is having its in-house facility to fabricate custom designed steel fabrications including GI Ducting, Piping of Black Steel, Galvanised Steel and structural components to suit customer needs. Further, Cladding works, Kitchen Hood & Filter Fabrication, Sound Attenuator Fabrication, Pipe fabrication and Blower Housing Fabrication etc.

25718198_sINAIRE’s range of solutions include electrical engineering, with services such as power distribution systems, lightning protection networks, Industrial wiring and switch gear and control systems, Process automation could be offer.

25304492_sINAIRE pays special attention in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in clean room applications covering hospital air conditioning system design, installation with latest modular laminar floor systems incorporated with ultra clean air purification for particle controls, temperature, humidity, air dilution etc. to conform the latest healthcare standards.

14238282_sINAIRE specialised in designing, supplying and installation of high sensible load applications for IT rooms, Server rooms, Computer rooms etc. with CRAC, Precision In-raw type systems from the world reputed manufacturers.

25370646_sHumidification, dehumidification and drying systems for industrial and process needs is another area INAIRE is capable of providing complete solutions for custom needs and study recommendations on turnkey basis.

21724902_sINAIRE’s range of expertise includes Fire Sprinklers Systems, Wet/ Dry Riser Hydrant Systems.​

7639908_sINAIRE offers end to end services in the design, supply and installation of swimming pool equipment for any kind of applications. Our experience includes swimming pools for sports complexes, apartments, hotels and for private residences. We also work on domestic water Services, Industrial & Process Services and many kinds of product features.​

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